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The Constitution of ABA:

In interpreting this Constitution the following definitions shall be used: Bioethics is the interdisciplinary study of philosophical, ethical, social, legal, economic, medical, therapeutic, ethnological, religious, environmental, and other related issues arising from biological sciences and technologies, and their applications in human society and the biosphere. Asia is the regions, peoples, and cultures which constitute the geographically largest continent of the world.

The basic objective of the Association is to promote scientific research in bioethics in Asia through open and international exchanges of ideas among those working in bioethics in various fields of study and different regions of the world. In order to achieve this end the Association will encourage the following work and projects: (1) to organize and support international conferences in bioethics in Asia; (2) to assist the development and linkage of regional organizations for bioethics; (3) to encourage other academic and educational work or projects to accomplish their goals consistent with the objectives of the Association.

sian Bioethics Conferences Proceedings and Abstracts
ABC1 Beijing 1995
ABC2 Kobe 1997
ABC3 Tokyo 1998
ABC4 Seoul 2002
ABC5 Tsukuba 2004
ABC6 Sanliurfa 2005
ABC7 Beijing 2006
ABC8 Bangkok 2007
ABC9 Jogyakarta 2008
ABC10 Tehran 2009
ABC11 Singapore 2010
ABC12 Taipei 2011
ABC13 Kuala Lumpur 2012
ABC14 Chennai 2013
ABC15 Beppu and Kumamoto, Japan 2014
ABC16 Manila 2015
ABC17 Jogyakarta, Indonesia 2016
ABC18 Korea 2017
Asian Bioethics Association Board Members & History

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