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Program at Glance

時間 議程 地點
November 13


Open Ceremony
ABC19 Day 1 Activity
November 13


Welcome Party 高雄國際會館2樓宴會廳
November 14


▪ABC19 Day 2 Activity
▪International Mental Health Training Center Taiwan Conference
November 14


Poster Session 高雄市立凱旋醫院2樓
November 14


Gala Dinner 高雄市立凱旋醫院B1餐廳
November 15


▪ABC19 Day 3 Activity
▪Closing Ceremony


November 16



Smart Technology & Long Term Care Field Trip  屏東

The 19th Asian Bioethics Conference-Preliminary Program

Date:Day 1, November 13 (Tuesday)


12:00-17:00 Registration 嘉賓報到
Opening Remarks
13:00-13:30 Welcome addresses 開幕致詞

Superintendent Joseph Kwong-Leung Yu余廣亮院長 (Conference Host)
President Chia-Ju Liu 劉嘉茹校長 (Open University of Kaohsiung)
Superintendent Huang-Chih Chou 周煌智院長(Kaohsiung Municipal Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital)
Dr. Cheng-Chung Chen 陳正宗顧問 (PI of IMHTCT and Medical Advisor of Kaohsiung Municipal Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital )
Prof. Bang-ook Jun  (President of ABA)
Prof. Duujian Tsai 蔡篤堅教授 (Chair of Organizing Committee, ABC19)

Plenary Symposium 1  (Chair: Joseph Kwong-Leung Yu 余廣亮 )
Time Title Presenter Affiliation
13:30-15:00 Burning the bridges between Neuroethics and Bioethics? Bang-ook Jun Gangneung-Wonju National University, South Korea
Teaching Bioethics for Transgenerations in The 21st Century Soenarto Sastrowijoto Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
On the Possibility of a Global Bioethics: A Tribute to Professor Hugo Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. Shui-Chuen Lee


National Central University, Taiwan
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break 茶敘
Plenary Symposium 2   Public Health & Mental Health Bioethics (Chair:Dr. Happy Tan)
In the face of Commercial Surrogacy Bunrong Kouy National Central University, Taiwan
Ethics Issue about Mental Health in Vietnam Pham Thi Thu Huong Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam
A Study on Comfort, Satisfaction, and Sustainable Practices among Public Employees: Comparison between Conventional and Green Building Wan Mohamed Radzi, Che Wan Jasimah University of Malaya, Malaysia
Female Genital Mutilation and it’s social impact and challenges in Indonesia Puri Trioka  Rigodin & Imanuel E. Anggun Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
Plenary Symposium 3   Environmental Ethics  (Chair: Mariadoss Selvanayagam )
17:00-18:00 An Investigation of Environmental Civic Ethics En Chin Lin


National Central University, Taiwan
Challenges of Young Agropreneurs in Malaysia towards Sustainable Agriculture Suzana Ariff Azizan University of Malaya, Malaysia
Willingness to Pay Modelling for Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Kuala Lumpur Hashem Salarzadeh Jenatabadi University of Malaya, Malaysia
Labor and Delivery Nurses Ethical Dilemma in Response to Professionally Experienced Pregnancy Termination Su-Chen Kuo
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, Taiwan
18:30-20:30 Welcome Reception(2ndF, Kaohsiung International Plaza)
歡迎晚宴 (高雄國際會館)


The 19th Asian Bioethics Conference-Preliminary Program

Date:Day 2, November 14 (Wednesday)


08:30-17:00 Registration 嘉賓報到
08:00-9:00 ABA Board meeting
09:00-09:30 參加新南向精神醫療衛生人員訓練成果研討會開幕


Plenary Symposium 4  (Chair: Bang-ook Jun)
Time Title Presenter Affiliation
09:30-11:00 The ethical issues of terminal cancer patients in receiving palliative care or clinical trial. Wen Yu Hu


National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Bioethics in Translational Research; Lesson learned from A New, Innovative Vaccine Development Yati Soenarto Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
Ethics of Eating: Buddhism and Epicureanism Soraj Hongladarom Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
11:00-11:15 Coffee Break 茶敘
Parallel Symposium 5-1   Technology & Bioethics  (Chair: Tsuyoshi Awaya )
11:00-12:30 Consideration for promotion of muscle growth by gene editing Miyako Takagi Tokyo Online University, Japan
Protection of Research Subjects in Neuroscience and Bioethics Juhee Eom Korea National Institute for Bioethics Policy, South Korea
The Ethical Frameworks and Regulatory Overview for Clinical Researches and Trials in Japan Naoto Kawahara Kyushu University Hospital, Japan
Should Pain Management Medical Education and Professionalism Include Teaching of East-West-Native Integrated Medicine? Neoh Choo Aun, Neoh Jessie, Neoh Karen Pingtung Christian Hospital, Taiwan
Practices of Bioethics in Asian Countries; Indian Native Medicine and Western Allopathy medicines V. Jamuna Ayurveda, Karthick Aanchaneyan D.M SRM Hospital, Tamilnadu, India
Negotiating Reproductive Autonomy in the Advances of Genetic Testing: Challenges for Obstetric Providers Olivia Ngan The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Parallel Symposium 5-2 Holistic Health Care for chronic mental patients in non-legal units under the context of healthy human rights (Chairs: Joh-Jong Huang, Meng-Chiao Lin 黃志中、林盟喬)
11:30-12:30 Reviewing the rights of the residents of Long Fa Tang from the Law on the Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities Li Fang Tien


Ping Tung County Government, Taiwan
Familism associated ethical dilemma of psychiatric patients long term care Joh Jong Huang


Department of health, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
360 degree to rethinking psychiatric ethics Cheng Chung Chen


Kaohsiung municipal Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital, Taiwan
Public health ethics thinking about the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in chronic psychiatric patients Meng Chiao Lin


Kaohsiung City Government Department of Health, Taiwan
12:30-13:30  Lunch (and ABA General Assembly) 午餐
13:30-14:00 Poster Presentations 壁報展 2F
Parallel Symposium 6-1  Biodiversity and Resilience (I)  (Chair: Shui-Chuen Lee 李瑞全)
14:00-15:30 Community based Disaster Preparedness and Management to face the Impact of Climate Change Mariadoss Selvanayagam Loyola college, India
Agricultural Promotion through Overseas Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center (ASTIC) in Vietnam Shyi-Dong Yeh


National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
Role of Ethics in Sustainable Agriculture: Issues, potential and Practicality of Organic Farming in Malaysia Mohd Salim Bin Mohamed University of Malaya, Malaysia
Application of Big Data Technique on Infrastructure Resilience Su-Ling Fan


Tamkang University, Taiwan
Disaster Management: Lesson from Thailand Representative from DMH Department of Mental Health, Thailand
Q & A
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
Parallel Symposium 6-2  Medical Education & Professionalism  (Chair: Sastrowijoto Soenarto )
Implementing a Graduate Degree Program in Genetic Counseling in South Korea Young-Mo Koo Asan Medical Center, South Korea
A Proposed Model for Objective Structured Clinical Ethics Examination (OSCEE) Wika Hartanti Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
The Development of Medical Professionalism and Patient Support Group in genomic medicine -Case study of Breast Cancer Society of Taiwan Yuchia Chen


National Central University, Taiwan
Attitudes of Pre-clinical Medical Students towards Bioethics Education in the Medical Curriculum: Learning Experience from Hong Kong Olivia Ngan The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dealing With Un-Ethical and Un-Professional Conduct of Medical Students: Sharing Experiences from the Faculty of Medicine, UGM Nurazid Mahardinata Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break 茶敘
Parallel Symposium 7-1  Biodiversity and Resilience (II)    (Chair: Darryl Macer)
Management of Environment and Balancing of Ecology with Public policy and Administration in India Aruna Sivakmai Mother Teresa Women’s University, Tamilnadu, India
An overview of resilience disaster: from theory to practice Kuo-Wei Liao
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Research as a Therapeutic Journey: Humanizing Mental Health Research in Disaster Situations Abigail del Puerto Balik Kalipay Center for Psychosocial Response, Philippines
Diffusion of Science and Technology in Agriculture towards Sustainable Communities: Issues and Challenges Mohd Zufri Mamat University of   Malaya, Malaysia
Toward a socio-culturally more informed mode of cooperation: on the scholarly collaborative project between UNTAN and NTTU Bien Chiang


National Taitung University, Taiwan
Parallel Symposium 7-2  Clinical Ethics   (Chair: Yati Soenarto)
Chinese Medical Ethics: An Illusion in Evolution Se-Yuan Liu
Pingtung Christian Hospital, Taiwan
Islamic Approaches on Advance Medical Directives Mohammad Mustaqim Malek Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia
Need for palliative care in the Concordance-Medicine model -considering the medical records of the terminal patients Hitomi Irizawa Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan
Ethics in Rehabilitation Medicine involving patients with disable subjects Abdus Shakoor Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Bangladesh
Association between unpolished rice-centered meal and mental and physical health Takayasu Kawasaki The Forum on Shrinking Society, Japan
18:00-20:30 Gala Dinner晚案 (B1 Restaurant)


The 19th Asian Bioethics Conference-Preliminary Program

Date:Day 3, November 15 (Thursday)


08:00-17:00 Registration 嘉賓報到
Plenary Symposium 8   (Chair: Duujian Tsai  蔡篤堅)
Time Title Presenter Affiliation
09:00-10:00 Communities working together: New directions for foreign aid Paul  Komesaroff Monash University, Australia
Bioethics for Glocal Social and Ethical Empowerment in the Global Digital Age Darryl Macer American University of Sovereign Nations
Plenary Symposium 9   Bioethics  and  Community      (Chair: Paul Komesaroff )
10:00-11:30 Bioethics Without National Borders: We Must Not Misjudge the Nature of a Conflict Between Nations Tsuyoshi Awaya Okayama Shoka University, Okayama, Japan
Bioethics: Bridge to the Future of Modern biotechnology Latifah Amin Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia
Science-Ethics Education by Assisting ‘Smart Living’ Empowers Community Wellbeing Irina Pollard Macquarie University, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Ethical Consideration in Urban Regeneration Manjae Kim Gangneung-Wonju National University, South Korea
Improvement of Regional Center for Mental Health in Seoul Metropolitan City- A comparative and institutional study on the case of Australia Seungju Baek Yonsei University, South Korea
Water Ethics & Environmental Sustainability in the Lower Mekong River Basin Ravichandran Moorthy Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia
11:30-12:00 ABC 20 in Bangladesh – Shamima Lasker (Chair of Organizing Committee, ABC20)
12:00-13:10 Lunch
Plenary Symposium 10  Research Ethics  (Chair: Chiung-Lang Wang 王炯琅)
Knowledge of Ethics Committee (EC) Members Regarding Bioethics and Structure & Function of EC in Bangladesh: A Pilot Study Shamima P Lasker MH Samorita Medical College, Bangladesh
PI Satisfaction on IRB Protocol Review Process Tsui Wen Hsu
Cathay General Hospital, Taiwan
Ethical Issues in Cancer Translational Research Post Genomic Era: Lesson Learned from UGM Research Group Sofia Mubarika Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
Putting Animal Ethics and the 3Rs Principles into Action: A Case of University of Malaya Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (UMIACUC) Mohd Istajib Bin Mokhtar University of Malaya, Ma n laysia
Clinical trials of invasive neurotechnologies for dementia: an Asian perspective John Noel, Viaña University of Tasmania, Australia
Neuroethical Provision for Neuroscience Technical Development in Korea Young Joon Ryu Kangwon National University, Malaysia
Culture of Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Responsible Conduct in the Life Sciences Nasyrova Firuza Plant Genetics Laboratory IBPPG TAS, Tajikistan
15:00-15:20 Coffee Break
Round Table Discussion: Ethical Research for Regional Planning (Chair: Joseph Kwong-Leung Yu 余廣亮)
15:20-16:20 Panelists:

Paul Komesaroff, Darryl Macer, Duujian Tsai, Sastrowijoto Soenarto, Yati Soenarto & Board members

16:20-16:30  Address from the new President
Closing Remarks
16:30 Closing Address
Superintendent Joseph Kwong-Leung Yu余廣亮院長 (Conference Host)
President Chia-Ju Liu 劉嘉茹校長 (Open University of Kaohsiung)
Best Awards of Oral Presentation & Poster

The 19th Asian Bioethics Conference-Preliminary Program

Date:Day 4, November 16 (Friday)


Field Trip of Long-term Care with Smart Technology (One Day Program)

Gathering Time: 08:30 am at lobby of Kaohsiung International Plaza

  Conference Venue








地址:高雄市小港區大業北路436號 (空中大學旁)



時間 議程 講者
08:30~09:00 報到
09:00~09:05 開幕致詞 高雄市立凱旋醫院 周煌智 院長
09:05~09:10 衛福部心理及口腔健康司 諶立中 司長
09:10~09:15 泰國精神衛生司Samai Sirithongthaworn副司長
09:15~09:30 與會嘉賓介紹 「新南向政策─建立國際精神醫療衛生人員訓練中心計畫」計畫主持人、高雄市立凱旋醫院顧問醫師 陳正宗 顧問醫師
09:30~10:45 專題演講(一):
世界精神醫學學會會長Helen Herrman教授
10:40~11:15 茶敘Coffee Break
11:15~12:00 專題演講(二):
墨爾本大學國際心理衛生中心主任Harry Minas教授
12:00~13:30 午餐B1F 員工餐廳)
13:30~14:15 專題演講(三):
「新南向政策─建立國際精神醫療衛生人員訓練中心計畫」計畫主持人、高雄市立凱旋醫院顧問醫師 陳正宗 顧問醫師


受訓團隊簡報(一):泰國 ▪主持人:
泰國精神衛生司 Samai Sirithongthaworn副司長
14:45~15:15 受訓團隊簡報(二):印尼 ▪主持人:
印尼馬魯古精神專科醫院David Santoso Tjoei院長


受訓團隊簡報(三):越南 ▪主持人:
越南慶和精神專科醫院Thanh Dang院長
15:45~16:15 茶敘Coffee Break
16:15~16:45 受訓團隊簡報(四):柬埔寨 ▪主持人:
柬埔寨衛生部醫療與醫院署 Kim Savuon副署長
16:45~17:30 綜合討論:總結、邁向未來 ▪主持人:
「新南向政策─建立國際精神醫療衛生人員訓練中心計畫」計畫主持人 陳正宗 顧問醫師▪ 與談人:
泰國精神衛生司Samai Sirithongthaworn副司長泰國精神衛生司顧問、泰國精神醫學學會前任會長Dr. Youngyud Wongpironsan越南慶和省衛生局 Bui Xuan Minh 副局長越南慶和精神專科醫院Thanh Dang 院長

越南峴港精神專科醫院Trung Lam Tu 院長印尼馬魯古精神專科醫院David Santoso Tjoei 院長柬埔寨衛生部醫療與醫院署 Kim Savuon 副署長
18:00 歡迎晚宴 (B1F員工餐廳)


*The Organizer reserves the right to amend the program agenda.



時間 活動
上午 Visiting AdvMeds in Kaohsiung
下午 參訪屏東督教醫院、長照中心
 長照在原鄉: 參訪三地門老人長期照顧中心


時間:2018年11月15日(四) 08:30~19:00

時間 行程 導覽解說人員
8:30 高雄市凱旋醫院集合,出發
9:20 抵達杉林永久屋行政中心
9:30~11:00 88風災災後永久屋
導覽:杉林區 鐘炳光區長
林俊雄 (黑熊) 與卓素霞
11:00~12:00 參訪巴楠花部落實驗小學 導覽:巴楠花部落實驗小學
張新榮 (阿浪) 校長
12:00~12:30 前往美濃
12:30~13:30 美濃「老古的家」享用客家美食
13:30~13:40 前往客家文化之旅
13:40~15:30 參訪美濃客家文化之旅
▪  美濃最大宗祠-林家祠堂雙桂第
▪  美濃油紙傘工作坊-廣進勝
▪  美濃最具代表性的古蹟-東門
導覽:美濃區 謝鶴琳區長、
15:30~16:00 前往佛光山佛陀記念館佛法之旅
16:00~17:30 佛陀記念館參訪 導覽、口譯:佛陀紀念館師父
17:30~19:00 1300藝術中心晚宴
19:00 賦歸