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Interest Groups

(Optional Tours, departure with a minimum of 20 persons*fees apply)

A. Field Trip of Long-term Care with Smart Technology

▪Visiting AdvMeds in Kaohsiung

▪Smart Technology applied in the community: Yung Da Healthcare Centre

▪Lunch Break

▪Visiting Pingtung Christian Hospital & Long-term Care Centre

Long-Term Care in Tribal Area– Field trip to Sandman Day Care & Long-term Care Centre

Afternoon Tea–outdoor restaurant at Sandman

Note: Day trip, approx. 8 hours, starting at 9am


B. Spiritual exploration of Buddha Museum

▪Frield trip of Buddha Museum

The Buddha Museum was built to enshrine the Buddha’s tooth relic, symbolizing the everlasting presence of the Buddha dharma, the Buddha Museum serves to acquaint the public with the Buddha’s quantities, through which the Buddhist practice can be inspired. The Buddha Museum was thus built not only to venerate the Buddha, but more importantly with the interests of sentient beings kept in mind.

▪Vegetarian lunch

▪Half Day Dharm Lesson

Dharma is a word without direct translation, but implies ‘religion,’‘duty,’ and ‘righteousness.’ It derives from a Sanskrit root word meaning ‘to uphold or sustain’. The concept behind Dharma is anything that upholds or sustains a positive order. For example, an individual, a family, a community, a nation and the universe all help uphold order. Half day Dharma lesson will teach meditation for hours, on the purpose of resting body and purifying mind.

Note:  Day trip, approx. 8 hours, starting at 9am